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What We've Done

Okay, so we can talk the talk, but can we walk the walk? Check out a slice of our previous work below and let the results speak for themselves.

Our Portfolio

Our portfolio contains a brief listing of some of the projects that we've put together for our clients and those currently under development.

Highlights of Recent Work

Beauchamp Fitness and Nutrition Client: Beauchamp Fitness and Nutrition
Description: Beauchamp came to us with a defined brand that existed in the brick and mortar space, but didn't have a web precence ... that's where we came in. We designed a responsive, mobile-ready website using Zurb's Foundation 4 HTML5/CSS3 framework tied to a Wordpress content management system for easy client updates.

Ingram Cottages Client: Ingram Cottages
Description: The goal of the Ingram Cottages project was to provide a user-friendly, dynamic portal to enable visitors to easily view existing and make new reservations at the gorgeous Muskoka cottage. Lighter colours were chosen to give the site a more modern feel to reflect the modern amenities that have been upgraded in the cottage with contrasting blacks and reds to call attention to action buttons. The site is powered through Zurb's Foundation 5 HTML5/CSS3 framework with a Wordpress backend.

Compliance Safety Solutions Client: Compliance Safety Solutions
Description: 18pt matte laminated stock offers the perfect base for a truly stunning business card. As was the case that was created for Compliance Safety Solutions, a health and safety training and consulting company founded over 14 years ago. A muted and pastel-like palette was chosen for the website to reflect the training provided by CSS: information is to be presented in a clear and concise manner with a no-nonsense approach.

The backbone of the CSS website is the WordPress CMS with a few plugins customized by Mad Dog Studios. HTML5 elements are infused throughout the site along with sparing use of jQuery for the training modal windows.

Heaney's Hairstyling Business Cards Client: Heaney's Hairstyling
Description: Heaney's has been in the hairstyling business for over 50 years and to this day, maintains a hybrid image of a classic barber shop paired with a traditional hair salon. Integral to their brand was the iconic barber pole alluding to the male hairstyling services they provide, and of course, the very recognizable salon scissors and comb. These three images were very important to maintain in the redesigned brand, so we ensured they featured a prominent spot on the front of the card.

The front of the card features a UV coating (glossy) to improve durability and to give the card some rigidity, while the rear of the card is uncoated and allows the stylists to write on them to provide customers with their appointment.

Spa...ahh Client: Spa...ahh
Description: Spa...ahh is a weekend retreat in Southern Ontario hosted by registered massage therapist (RMT), Angela Mills. MDS developed a brand for Spa...ahh, linking the wellness stones from Angela's work to the outdoor aspect of her weekend retreats. A website was designed around this brand and instead of designing another relaxation-themed spa site, we decided to evoke a feeling of excitement in the palette while using soft, contoured edges to bring it all together. A content management system (CMS) was used as the backend to enable Angela to provide updates on her events, modify prices for her spa services, and allow guests to create their own events.

Antique Chevrolet Parts Business Cards Client: Antique Chevrolet Parts
Description: We've worked with the Antique Chev team in the past to provide a bit of modernization to their aged computer systems so with the behind the scenes infrastructure updated, it was time to align their business cards with their affiliates, Bay Ridges Classic Chevy (below). This is the end result.

Northern Stars Dance Competition Client: Northern Stars Dance Competition
Description: Northern Stars Dance (NSD) web design was updated to comply with W3C-coding standards and linked to a content management system. This CMS enabled quick and efficient updates via easy-to-use graphical web interfaces. Next, we provided one-on-one training sessions and created a handy user guide for future reference. We also provided a series of design updates and automated tools to make their site administration that much easier.

Hosting yearly competitions with around 5 venues per season, Northern Stars Dance was also in need of an automated studio, dancer, and routine registration system. A strict set of rules around dancers and their routines was coded and an online registration system was created that enabled studio owners to register their dancers, set up routines that could be modified later, and join a venue. Behind the scenes, NSD could modify these entries and a scheduling system automated generated a dance list that followed the coded rules. The result was a savings of 75% administration time & cost.

Emerald Staffing Brochures Client: Emerald Staffing
Description: As noted below, our work with Emerald Staffing didn't end with their website. We continued on with the team to create traditional print media – business cards & brochures – for both applicants looking for jobs and clients offering them. A brochure for job applicants are shown here.

Emerald Staffing Business Cards Client: Emerald Staffing
Description: As noted below, our work with Emerald Staffing didn't end with their website. We continued on with the team to create traditional print media – business cards & brochures – for both applicants looking for jobs and clients offering them. Business cards for the Director, Matt, are shown here.

Emerald Staffing Client: Emerald Staffing
Description: A temporary employment agency in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) specializing in hospitality & tourism placements, Emerald Staffing was in need of an identity and an online presence. We worked very closely with the team to develop a brand with an iconic logo design, business cards, brochures, and a fully automated website with a job posting board. We also ran multiple tutorials with the team on key social media tools like Twitter and Facebook, set up an RSS feed to allow visitors to quickly & easily view the latest jobs, and optimized their site for search engines.

Bay Ridges Classic Chevy Business Cards Client: Bay Ridges Classic Chevy
Description: Bay Ridges Classic Chevy, offering restoration parts for classic Chevy cars and trucks needed a set of business cards that immediately identified them with classic cars but that wouldn't come across as dated. They also wanted a tool to help people find them in the small rural town of Little Britain, Ontario. MDS helped put Bay Ridges Classic Chevy on the map.


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